Fall Photo Essay

Fall permeates Southwest Portland

2013-01-No.03.Ottos IMG_8437 (8 of 13) 2013-10-No04
Terwilliger’s Totem. Hints of Germany tucked away in Multnomah Village. Nasturtium (native to Peru) petals tickle pollinators while they reach for deep-set nectar. Fleeting sun and blue sky reflected in shop window.
Pumpkin not quite ripe IMG_8434 (7 of 13) IMG_1915 (4 of 13) Pomegranate
An unripe pumpkin has run out of time. Halloween comes quickly. Flames of maple. Watchful. Far from arid Persian origin, pomegranates split; fail to ripen
IMG_8445 (10 of 13) IMG_8429 (5 of 13) IMG_8425 (1 of 13) IMG_8433 (6 of 13)
Community uproar over sale to developer. Due-sprinkled web in prickly teasel. Promise of spring. Embryonic pink bloom inside the rhodie’s bud. Licorice fern.


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