Victoria, the Oregon Coast, Seattle

Starting a few weeks ago in February, I’m going to be on the road over 2 weeks of every month until September. Here’s a recap of my recent adventures.
– Vancouver, British Columbia –
Our first trip to the city was a lot of fun. 2 nights at the lovely Fairholm Manor Inn. A visit to the Butchart Gardens in the rain was fantastic. I don’t need to see the icing on the cake and actually prefer seeing the bones of the garden and their selection of winter interest plants. The Victoria Skipper was a fast way to get there. And the time at the Natural History Museum informative. We definitely want to go back.
– All Girls Weekend at the Coast
A few of us spent two nights at the Oregon Coast — eating up a storm while we watched the rain outside, staying warm by the fire, sharing stories and having a grand time. We definitely want to do this again.
– On the train to Seattle
I’m writing on the 506 Amtrak Train to Seattle. There, I’ll see my niece Stephanie whom I barely have met once or twice, as well as my parents and brother’s family.
I plan on posting a snazzy gallery of a few of my photos when I’m back in Portland. But for now, here are a few teasers.





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