Dixon Soracco and Carolyn Devine at a Friends of Outdoor School Fundraiser

Dixon and I volunteering at an annual fundraiser for Friends of Outdoor School

All communications need a purpose for the intended audience.

A critical issue with this is that I don’t have an audience. ;*p

I’m simply not that interesting and don’t imagine readers will be flocking to read my updates. Yet I’m here. Why?
I do hope that if you’ve stumbled across this website you’ll find pretty photos and interesting blog posts and maybe learn a bit more about plants, biochemistry, nature, and maybe  a bit about what makes me tick.  Potential outcomes for you, dear reader:

  • Maybe you’ll be inspired to take a hike and explore the great outdoors.
  • Maybe you’ll look take a moment longer than usual to observe the natural world, your garden, the passing seasons, the spider in your shower.
  • Maybe you’ll consider me as a great new employee or coworker.

Potential outcomes for me:

  • I’m looking to gain new skills in WordPress.
  • I’m running this as an experiment in blogging:  will I have enough content to keep going?
  • Maybe it will result in a career opportunity. Who knows?
  • Maybe I’ll make new connections and start conversations with both like- and different-minded folks.